Agreement with minority shareholders regarding agenda items and proposals.


Zug, July 9, 2019. In light of the upcoming extraordinary shareholders‘ meeting, the Board of Directors of New Venturetec and the minority shareholder group have jointly agreed to the following agenda items and proposals: 1. Capital reduction through reduction of the nominal value by CHF 5.98 per share, 2. Ordinary liquidation with election of Curator & Horwath AG as liquidator and 3. Election of Arthur Erni as third member of the Board of Directors. Any other items and proposals have been withdrawn.

Arthur Erni graduated as Swiss Banking Expert as well as Swiss CPA. He is managing director of Tre Innova Treuhand AG in Zug, member of TREUHAND|Suisse and has experience in the liquidation of companies.


About New Venturetec Ltd.

New Venturetec Ltd. is a publicly traded Swiss investment company (SIX: NEV) which holds participations in venture companies in the areas of biotechnology and technology which are domiciled in the USA.

The investment horizon should be 10 years or more. A shareholder is recommended to follow the development with interest and base an investment or disinvestment decision on results of the development of the portfolio companies rather than on the general capital market and the investors’ sentiment. Any investor should only invest in New Venturetec Ltd. if he can afford the complete loss of the investment without having to change his lifestyle. Significant risk is involved and the timelines may exceed the expectations. In addition, the market of New Venturetec Ltd. shares is very illiquid. The risks of venture investments are 100%. The total loss of the investment has to be considered as a realistic possibility.