New Venturetec: Terms of the Convertible Bond 2014 - 2018


New Venturetec: Terms of the Convertible Bond 2014 - 2018

Zug, December 3, 2013. The Board of Directors of New Venturetec defined the final terms and conditions of the convertible bond 2014 - 2018 the Company intends to issue as announced in the adhoc publications on August 16, and November 13, 2013. The terms are as follows:

Issuer New Venturetec, Ltd., Zürich
Issue price 100%
Aggregated principal amount Up to CHF 15,625,000
Interest rate 4% per annum
Life 4 years
Principal amount CHF 5,000
Conversion Each Bond of CHF 5,000 principal amount is voluntarily convertible into shares of the Company after June 30, 2014, subject to the registration of the capital reduction, which is proposed to be approved by the shareholders for the shareholders meeting on December 4, 2013.
Conversion price CHF 9.50 per share
Anticipated exercise period for the advanced subscription right December 5, 2013 – December 17, 2013
Anticipated offer period December 5, 2013 – January 17, 2014
Anticipated closing January 23, 2014
Listing The convertible bond will not be listed

All shareholders have the right to participate pro rata in the convertible bond. Peter Friedli, Chairman of New Venturetec, Ltd., committed to invest up to CHF 10,000,000 in the convertible bond not subscribed by existing shareholders, of which up to CHF 5,000,000 can be invested through the conversion of existing short term debt owed by New Venturetec to Mr. Friedli.

The launch of the convertible bond is subject to the approval of the reduction of the nominal capital per New Venturetec common share from CHF 12.50 to CHF 6.00 and the creation of conditional capital of up to 1,700,000 shares with a nominal value of CHF 6.00 per share by the shareholders of the Company at the annual shareholders meeting on December 4, 2013.

The relevant information on the bonds and the issuer is only available in the final prospectus which is currently expected to be published on December 4, 2013. The convertible bond is subject to the selling restrictions set out in the prospectus. The final prospectus is available at New Venturetec AG, Hinterbergstrasse 47, 6312 Steinhausen, and can be ordered by telephone (+41 41 740 2626), fax (+41 41 741 2562) or by e-mail (

Sales Restrictions

U.S.A., United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, European Economic Area, general sales restrictions (for details see the following pages). In particular, none of the Advance Subscription Rights, the Bonds or the Shares have been or will be registered under the Securities Act and, accordingly, may not be offered, sold, pledged or otherwise transferred in the United States except in a transaction not subject to, or pursuant to an available exemption from, the registration requirement of the Securities Act.

New Venturetec is a publicly traded Swiss investment company (SIX: NEV) which invests directly in venture capital companies in the USA.

For further information:

Yves Huwyler
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6312 Steinhausen
Tel: 041 740 26 26